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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Manufacturers

Many manufacturers all over the world produce dry ice blasting equipment. Because it is a new and fast-growing field, there are many new companies, although the most experienced have been making equipment for over twenty years. Some more recent designs offer better ways to reduce noise, more portability, and other useful improvements. Of course, older systems that have a proven track record will always achieve commendable results.

The Right Machine

Different applications may favor specific machines. There are many sizes, from very lightweight easy to carry up ladders, to heavy workhorses.  One significant difference is whether to mix the air and dry ice at the machine and then run one hose for treatment or use two hoses and mix at the nozzle. The two-hose system works better when the blasting is more than twenty-five feet from the blast machine.

There are also many choices of nozzles for various applications.

Therefore, depending upon the application, one machine may work better than another. The larger ones are more versatile and can accomplish a greater variety of tasks.

Air Pressure

Another choice is the pressure of the air coming out. The size of the air compressor producing both pressure and airflow can make a measurable difference. The higher pressure and higher volume of air will carry more dry ice to the cleaning surface. Metal surfaces can take the most elevated pressure resulting in quicker work progress. Sometimes, different strata may require a slower blast stream to protect their softer exterior.


Some companies offer dry ice machines that make their dry ice pellets on the spot to give consistent quality of dry ice. Some companies also produce a CO2 recovery machine along with a dry ice blaster system. For in-house use, these machines will save time and money and pay for their extra expense.

For field applications, smaller, more portable equipment may work better.

Check with different makers and users of blast equipment.

It is never easy to decide which equipment will work best for you. Each job may have its preferred type of machine, yet overall demands may call for a larger, more robust piece of equipment. The best advice is to spend time asking others who are using each particular machine for their recommendations.

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